by Hannah Daman

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released March 4, 2014

all songs written by hannah daman

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bradford Krieger
at Hanging Horse Studio in Norwood, MA
in the winter of '13-'14

artwork by Ruth Ribeiro

acoustic, vocals-hannah daman
drums, percussion, lead, bass- Bradford Krieger
violin- Megan Martelle
banjo-Michael Boyce



all rights reserved


Hannah Daman Maine

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Track Name: Cedars
do you remember how we played
pirate ships and stowaways
the taste of freedom on our tongues
mixed with sour grass and lemonade

and i'm still that little girl
with bare feet and dirty nails
hiding out among the cedar trees
and waiting to see if she'll be found

i still remove myself from you
just to see if i'll be missed
it's not the most mature of moves
believe me, when i say, i know this

but i will come back home to you
even if you don't find me
somedays i just need to find that little girl
who's hiding out among the cedar trees

cause i'm still that little girl
with bare feet and dirty nails
the taste of freedom on my tongue
just waiting to be found
Track Name: Trailblazing
time takes me by the hand
and marches down the road
i was hoping i could meet you there
before i got too old

cause i keep thinking i can wait awhile
and just kick about the stones
but time is scolding me onward
and now i've really got to go

theres a whisper in the forest
and a flash of white tailed deer
they can see i'm driven forward
they can smell my lonely fear

and time is holding all the answers
and keeping them close
so i must pick up my feet and follow
and see now where they go

oh i wish you'd journey with me
i really hate to be alone
but i will mark these trees around me
if someday you'll follow
Track Name: Micmac Cinderella
there's a picture in my mind
of an unbalanced sight
of you holding on to tea trays in both hands

and your head is tilted to the side
but i doubt that you were trying to hide
the smudge of ash on your right cheek

'cause there s still this sense of pride about you
like you've almost made it safely across the room
or maybe it's just truly humility that's looking back at me through your eyes

and i heard it said when i was a kid that the aspens shake in fear of you
for you're the one who told the wind now truly i don't see you

and there's a picture in my mind
of you smiling at the night
head tilted back in awe at the stars

and the wonder's written in your gaze
it's enough to erase the ashes from your face
and i swear i saw your hair grow right there in front of my eyes
Track Name: Cycling Song
there's a rushing of the pine trees as i pedal past your doorstep
and it fills me with regret oh it fills me with regret oh
and i used to be courageous and able to face this
but how quickly i forget oh how slickly i forget oh

and underneath my tires is the whizzing of wet pavement
and it whispers back your name to my pain and shame
and i see your face in every cloud until i tilt my head back down
i'm not ready for this yet i'm not ready for this yet oh

so is this what it feels like to lose your way
oh is this what it feels like to lose your way
oh if this is what it feels like to lose your way
i might stay i might stay on this stretch of road awhile

so i circle back the block and see the lamppost still is on
well maybe we could talk maybe we could talk
Track Name: Redeem
for forty years i could stay here
and tell no tales at all
for i would be restlessly
wandering the halls

crying oh redeem

you may find me by the willow trees
stately staged about to go
for i'm the shoot thats taken root
and i may be here to grow

crying oh redeem

the old wood cracks
and the house it groans
and i feel it deep in my bones
i feel the wind shaking down the beams
and i found love in a restless place
but i know that if i choose to stay
i might be here until my grave
the wind will howl round the house
and i'll echo it sound for sound

crying oh redeem
Track Name: Farmers
they fall with a force of tinyness
that doubtless you would miss
if you weren't out in the fields everyday
waiting for this

you could hear them if you wanted to
as they softly hit the ground
too many to count too many to miss
the ripeness of the sound

does it justify the season
if the loss outweighs the gain
will you be screaming for the reason
oh why did we stay

'cause this dirt is a place for dying
but this dirt is a place for life
so we'll take each turn in season
without the reason why